Fireplace Mantels For Your Interior Design Needs

Distance does not matter when ordering a Mesquite Mantel from Lankford's Mesquite.  We have shipped Mantels to the west coast, the east coast and to destinations in between.


Please note that shipping to a residence costs more than shipping to a business.  A home that is under construction is considered a residence.  We will weigh the Mantel and get a shipping quote to you before shipping.  Let us know if the desitination is to a business or residence.  You can also pick up from the shipper's dock if that is convenient for you.  You are also welcome to arrange your own shipping.


Call or e-mail if you have any questions about the Mesquite Mantels listed below.


For Sale - Above

Mesquite Mantel #1272

84" Long

13-14" Deep

7" Thick

$3,500 plus tax and shipping


Please e-mail or call (325-670-9888) if interested in purchasing.



Very Large with lots of charachter!




Mesquite Mantel #1268

85.5" Long

10-14" Deep

6.75" Thick

$2,000 plus tax and shipping


Please e-mail or call (325-670-9888) if interested in purchasing.







We have several Mesquite Mantels in the works.  Go Micah!  We will post these mantels as we finish them.

M1225 Right End
M1225 Left End
M1225 Center

                                                                 FOR SALE (Above)


This MASSIVE Mesquite Mantel is made from one very large Mesquite Tree.  It's one of a kind because Mesquite Trees rarely grow this tall and straight.  If you're interested, please e-mail or call to discuss details.

Mesquite Mantel (#1225)

152" or 12'8" Long X 21-22" deep x 8" thick

$12,000 plus shipping



The Mesquite Fireplace mantels pictured below are all sold.  We have a quick turnover of our Mesquite Mantels.  We can custom make a Mesquite mantel to your specifications and e-mail photos for your approval.

M1269 - above
M1270 - above
#1263 - above
#1265 - above
#1255 - above
#1262 - above
#1253 - above
#1224 - above
#100 - above
#101 - above
#111 - sold for $1,100



Come by and visit our Gallery.  You'll be pleasantly surprised!

Mesquite Lamp by Terry with a Gourd Art Lampshade by Susan.

Lazy Susan's by Art Chapa.  Many designs. Visit the New Gallery Items page!

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