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$200 Minimum on all INTERNET lumber orders. No minimum to walk-in customers.

Current Pricing:


Up to 6 ft. in length, $8 BF


6-8 ft. in length, $14 BF


Over 8 ft. in length, $16 BF


Perfect or clear pieces - by quote only

A Better Understanding of Mesquite

What does a Mesquite board look like? Most Mesquite trees grow upwards to about 5 ft. before they take a twist or a turn in growth. You can see a good example of this in the photo above. This is, by the way, a photo of old Ft. Phantom Hill, an abandoned Cavalry post north of Abilene, Texas.

A milled board will have irregular edges.

Most of the bark has been removed. Refer to the photo below.

Properties of Mesquite

Mesquite lumber is perfect for almost any woodworking project. Mesquite is 2 ½ times harder than oak and is dimensionally stable. Most people don’t realize that most mesquite lumber has cracks. These cracks are formed while growing in hot, windy climates. Clear Mesquite without cracks is difficult to come by and is priced at a premium. Very clear Mesquite is usually requested by guitar and gun stock makers.

All of Terry's furniture is built using Mesquite lumber with cracks. See below to read an explanation of how 2 part epoxy is used in Mesquite with beautiful outcomes.

Using two-part Epoxy on Mesquite

Filling cracks: Terry uses 2 part epoxy to fill the cracks on almost every project he works on. The parts filled with epoxy will sand smooth and clear and take tung oil and lacquer finishes. Please note: Heat lamps are used during cold weather but are not needed in warm weather.



Note:  You can find two part epoxy in most hardware stores.  We recommend two part epoxy (Clear Epoxy Resin) sold by Cherry Tree Toys.



Thickness: We mill 1 inch up to as thick as the log will allow. The Mesquite boards can be planed down to smaller thicknesses if needed.

Length: We try to get all the length we can out of a Mesquite tree when cutting it down. Boards that are longer than 6 ft. are much harder to come by. Therefore, we charge more for the longer boards.

Width: The width of an average Mesquite board is 6-9 inches.

Edges: We leave the edges of the Mesquite board natural.

Sanding: We currently do not offer sanding services.

Plane: We currently do not offer services to flatten the surfaces.


Milling:  We currently do not offer custom milling services.


Finish: Terry uses tung oil by Minwax to finish all of his projects. It brings out the beauty of the Mesquite and provides a durable finish that will not allow water marks to settle.














Log Master Sawmill

How to measure a BOARD FOOT (BF)


12 inches X 12 inches X 1 inch thick = 144 sq. inches or 1 BF


Therefore, if you have a board that is 8 inches wide by 60 inches long and 2 inches thick it would be figured this way:


8 X 60 = 480 ÷ 144 = 3.34 X 2 = 6.68 BF


If the price is $8 BF then the cost of that board would be 6.68 X $8 = $53.44

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Mesquite Lamp by Terry with a Gourd Art Lampshade by Susan.

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